The NCTI of Colorado has served the people and courts of Colorado since 1979. We provide an effective, interactive learning process that involves participants in assessing their behavior and committing to positive change.

Our Classes

Cognitive Behavior Change Programs have proven to be the most effective way to reduce recidivism of criminal behavior. NCTI of Colorado has an extensive background as a provider of criminogenic specific, cognitive-based behavior change programs designed for adult and juvenile offenders. Our classes address several misdemeanor offenses and  traffic violations.  Programs for petty theft, felony theft, assault and harassment, substance abuse, domestic conflict management, parenting, responsible driving, aggressive driving, road rage and pet ordinance violations. Our classes are for anyone who wants to change their behavior in a positive way. Have a problem in your workplace? NCTI can help! All of our classes help to change attitudes and behavior.

Class Schedules

We have a three month schedule of classes in seven locations allowing participants to easily meet court deadlines. Find the class that fits your schedule.

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About Us
NCTI of Colorado utilizes a nationally recognized curriculum taught by experienced facilitators. Learn more about the NCTI difference.

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